Wordly Wise 3000 has been serving students for over 50 years in the area of vocabulary development. Wordly Wise i3000TM provides direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. The robust activities, social sharing and interaction, and differentiated instruction within our digital application provide engagement and support to meet the needs of today’s varying student population.

New engaging, research-based activities align with current state and national standards and assessments. All practice activities are self-paced, provide feedback, and are automatically scored, providing value to both students and teachers. Social sharing and interaction allows students to apply and extend their learning while also providing motivation, engagement, and additional support.

Differentiated reading passages allow teachers to work with students performing below-grade-level, allowing them to practice using on-grade-level vocabulary. For each lesson, teachers seamlessly assign the appropriate on-grade or below-grade-level reading passage to each student.

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