iSPIRE is a comprehensive and multisensory reading system that integrates phonological awareness, phonics, handwriting, fluency, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension in an instructional design that is based upon how struggling readers learn. iSPIRE, and its print counterpart iSPIRE, has been used throughout the country with great success by thousands of elementary, middle, and high school students – including special education students and those with dyslexia – who need a direct, systematic, sequential approach to reading. It addresses the needs of non-readers and Tier 3 students, including ELL and special needs students.

iSPIRE is delivered by the teacher using a digital device. Some student responses are also giving using a device like an iPad or laptop computer. It focuses on teacher-led and controlled direct instructional model. The printed materials are embedded into the software; the only printed material is the accompanying workbook with dictation lessons.

Everything you need to teach each lesson and dramatically increase student gains is readily available within the iSPIRE digital learning platform—from instruction and activities to readers and manipulatives. iSPIRE utilizes the power of new technology to deliver teacher-led instruction. Sequentially structured 10-Step Lessons are clear and explicit, helping teachers ensure that students master all concepts.