Tim Burns, Math Instructor for the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center was a previous math instructor and Superintendent which have helped drive his enthusiasm for these lessons.

Math Video Resources
Kansas Financial Literacy:  Credit & Debt – Standard 1 Algebra: Linear Relationships and the Slope-Intercept Form of​ ​The Equation of a Line Geometry: Right Triangles – The Pythagorean Theorem And ​ ​Special Right Triangles:  30-60-90 and 45-45-90.


  • Kansas Financial Literacy:  Credit & Debt – Standard 1
  • Investing – Standard 1

  • Kansas Mathematics Standard(s): 9-12.A-CED.2;  9-12.A1-S.4,6-9


  • Kansas Mathematics Standard(s): 9-12.G-SRT.8; 9-12.F-TF.2


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