At the core of every Greenbush service is the uncompromising belief that every learner, regardless of age or geographic location, deserves equal educational opportunities.

Greenbush offers programs that are otherwise unavailable, unaffordable, or just more effective and efficient through a cooperative effort. By forming consortiums, we allow school districts to pool resources to stretch funding even further. Whether the need is for office supplies, professional development, or technical support, a consortium means increased purchasing power and more bang for the buck. Greenbush forms partnerships with agencies, businesses, and universities to further resources and personnel.

Greenbush is classified as Interlocal No. 609. We have all the rights and privileges of a school district, except the power to levy taxes. Earning competitive grants, private charitable donations, and providing services to member agencies is important to our mission. We are only as good as the last Greenbush service delivered. The need for accountability means those served are assured of consistent quality, efficiency, and value.
From early intervention programs for infants to community learning centers devoted to adult education, we foster academic success in those we serve and support educators who are committed to doing the same.

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