Richard Brundage is the award winning television director, news anchor, and lecturer who has trained some of the world’s top CEO’s, high ranking government officials, celebrities and sports figures for appearances on such programs as 60-Minutes and Dateline NBC. Brundage has anchored television news programs, lectured at universities, worked with celebrities and conducted media workshops for senior executives of major corporations around the world.

As a reporter, Brundage has produced television reports from the Suez Canal to the Berlin Wall, as well as the Far East. He has been training corporate, government, medical, legal, law enforcement, and entertainment executives around the country and the world for more than 20 years. Recently, he was selected by the U.S. State Department to conduct media response training for new U.S. Ambassadors prior to their taking their posts around the world.

His clients include Universal Studios Hollywood, U.S. State Department, Bayer Chemical, American Academy of Family Physicians, National Weather Service, U.S. Coast Guard, and numerous organizations worldwide. A guest lecturer at colleges and universities, he has also been named to the crisis management teams of several major U.S. corporations, and in 2000, was the only crisis communicator in North America featured in the 60 minute program, “Global Risk Management”.

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